Today marks the start of the 2015 Wrestling World Team Trials in Madison, Wisconsin.  While the fate of our Junior and Senior team will be decided over the next 3 days, the brightest spotlight shines on the Senior 74 kg outcome on Sunday.  Some may say that it is unfortunate that the spotlight is only focusing in on this weight class’s semi and final, and not every competitor and the sport as a whole; however, I say this spotlight is doing just that!

Sports need icons to lead by example and carry their brand into the mainstream eye. I don’t know if there are 3 stronger sets of shoulders to carry with than those of Jordan Burroughs, David Taylor, and Kyle Dake. These 3 titans have combined for 8 NCAA Titles, 4 out of the last 5 Hodge Trophies, a handful of world championships, and 1 Olympic Gold medal…so far.  Unfortunately for all of them, and fortunately for the viewers, they are all in the same weight class!

A weight class which reigns are currently firmly in the hands of Burroughs.  However, every matchup in recent history between these three has ended with the slimmest of margins.  We expect a lot of the same this Sunday.  Taylor is putting together his best Senior level season to date, which included taking home the ‘Stop Sign’ at last month’s ASICS U.S. Open.  Needless to say, he will not be letting off the gas pedal with that.  Dake is coming off another stint on the injured list, by easing back into competition.  However, it’s hard to ever count out a 4x NCAA Champion, with all the tools for greatness.  Not to mention he has spent the passing months vigorously studying his competition, and fueling his fire.  Alas, the weight class, and the world still belongs to Jordan Burroughs.  Bum leg and all, Burroughs drove himself into a Bronze medal at the 2014 World Championships.  A victory which entitles him to his rightful spot in the 74kg Final Sunday night.  However, the weight class does not end with these three stars, and there are plenty of men that want to upset the dinner date!  The only definite we have ahead of us for this weekend, is Fireworks!  So get your chores done early, dinner cooked up, and be sure to tune in for the show! (Details Here!)

 Photo Credit: @FlipsWrestling and John Sachs (@jrsachs)

There is another battle going on between these three titans, which has more to do with the paths they have chosen to walk.  Or should we say the shoes they chose to walk in!  Much like the marquee names we have on the bill for the 74 kg weight class, we have the three best shoe brands going head to head to head.  Not to beat a dead horse, but the story remains the same.  The reigning champion will be present in the finals with Jordan Burroughs, but who will join them?  Will it be the fast climbing, excitement packed Adidas team, with David Taylor?  Or will we see the powerhouse name break out of their ‘dark horse’ label with Kyle Dake bringing Brute wrestling shoes to the dance?

Which titan do you think will take the podium Sunday night?  How about which brand steals the show?

Let us know below!


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