In the lull we have on our hands until the World Championships this fall, it is important to remember the wrestling legends that built the base of the United States’ team.  Good thing for you, we have the perfect infographic to study up on!
You know the names, the accolades are in the record books, but it is the history that makes the man. Check it out to read a brief background on these Legends.  We promise you will learn at least one new Wrestling Trivia Tidbit!
It should go without saying, but we will err on the side of caution and state that this list is NOT exhaustive. There are countless other US greats that could have easily been on a list of Legends. In fact every wrestler that has ever shed a drop of blood, sweat or tears for this sport, has helped make it what it is today. We are all connected in this family, and have raised the US Team with our own hands. We want to take this chance to thank every wrestler, past or present, for building a United States team that we should all be proud of.  As for the wrestlers of the future, you are going to have a heavy reputation to carry as a US Wrestling Team Member. Good thing our sport creates strong shoulders!
Who wants their name to be in the next chapter of US Olympic Wrestling Legends? What are you going to do to get it there?!?


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