What’s new in the volleyball world? WildPEPPER is bringing a new approach to team uniforms by combining style and practicality to make completely custom uniforms.

WildPEPPER is based out of Southern California. They are women founded and women run with many years of experience in the volleyball market. Unlike the competition, WildPEPPER is focused exclusively on volleyball. This aspect makes them unique because all of their pieces are built exclusively for the movements and comfort of the game. With WildPEPPER’s focus on custom uniforms, the possibilities for your team are truly endless with 28 fabric colors to choose from. Teams will be able to get jerseys in their team color without having to worry about stock again!

WildPEPPER has eliminated all the hassle associated with ordering uniforms and has made the process easy and convenient for coaches. They will provide free fit kits to teams looking to try on any of their products. Not only will the girls be able to try on the uniform, but they can try it on in a size that fits them. WildPEPPER focuses on quick turn-around times and easy fill-ins. They provide lost jersey insurance in the event that a jersey is lost or a new player is added. They’ll print an extra jersey in each size, so you will never be waiting months for a replacement piece.

Perhaps one of their greatest innovations is their Lo-Pro Kneepad. With patented SQUISH™ Technology, this kneepad is one of the best on the court. The Lo-Pro Kneepad is only 3/4″ in diameter for unparalleled comfort. SQUISH™ technology provides superior protection on all playing surfaces and is guaranteed to never breakdown or flatten. And the best part…these kneepads are non-stink and laundry safe!

We’re thrilled to be partnered with such an innovative force in the volleyball world. We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership together!

Check out all that WildPEPPER has to offer HERE!

For more information or to get started on ordering uniforms in your custom colors, email Customer Care or call us at 800-756-3555.

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