Few figures in the history of the sport of wrestling have left as meaningful a legacy as Dave Schultz. The NCAA, World Cup, World Championship, and Olympic Games gold medalist had a passion for the sport that extended well beyond the mat. In his efforts to connect wrestling cultures and communities around the world Dave Schultz became an iconic figure whose accolades and medals were matched, if not surpassed, by his iconic position as an ambassador for the sport to the rest of the world.

For Dave Schultz, “wrestling was a way of life,” states Tommy Rowlands, co-founder of one of our featured wrestling apparel brands, Rudis. Rudis, a favorite brand of ours whose commitment to the wrestling community draws parallels to that of Schultz, has partnered with the Schultz family to market and distribute an official Dave Schultz “Way of Life” t-shirt to commemorate the man’s stunning legacy.

The Dave Schultz “Way of Life” t-shirt, which can be purchased directly at Worldwide Sport Supply, is constructed from vintage thin fabric for circulation and to emulate the materials worn by Schultz himself. The multi-colored stencil rendering design includes small but noticeable Russian lettering that translates to “A Way of Life,” paying homage to Schultz’s affinity for Russian wrestling culture. Part of the proceeds for each shirt sold go directly to the Dave Schultz Foundation to fund amateur wrestling.

Dave’s son Xander, who’s excited about the partnership with Rudis, describes the ways in which his father’s life is evoked by the brand. “My father believed every individual carried wisdom that could better himself. So he spent his life learning from others, and his greatness can be attributed to the way in which he lived. Wrestling cultivated that philosophy. Wrestling was his way of life,” Xander said in a statement to Team USA Wrestling.

Mark Ruffalo recently portrayed Dave Schultz in the 2014 Oscar-nominated film Foxcatcher, which portrays the relationship between Dave, his brother Mark, and John du Pont, the billionaire who sponsored the US Wrestling team in 1988 and had Dave coach his “Team Foxcatcher” wrestling team. Dave’s untimely death at the hands of du Pont cut his life tragically short in 1996.

Dave’s wife, Nancy Schultz, just recently finished up a documentary on the life of Dave Schultz and it released on Netflix on April 29th of this year.  It is a Netflix Original called “Team Foxcatcher”. Make sure you check that out and see the “True Story” and life of the Schultz family.

Be sure to pick up a Dave Schultz “Way of Life” t-shirt to remember this towering icon in the world of wrestling.


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