Maybe you have been lounging by the pool this summer or maybe you have been working out hard to prepare for your upcoming volleyball season.  Either way, now it is crunch time.  With many volleyball teams beginning tryouts in August, you only have a few weeks left to gear up and prepare physically and mentally.

Here is your checklist to help you prepare.

  1. Gear Up!

Make sure that you have your volleyball shoes, knee pads, and active ankles.  Make sure you have some decent spandex for tryouts, and choose a comfortable outfit that makes you feel confident.  Wearing a bright colored shirt is a great way to stand out in a situation where the coach might not know your name yet.  During preseason, some schools do multiple sessions per day; so make sure you have enough changes of clothing with you.

  1. Workout!

Every try out is different but one thing is the same.  The coach is looking for players who are “in volleyball shape”.  This phrase covers a few things.  First, Endurance – you must be able to move quickly to the ball and be able to play out long rallies, even longer matches, and really long tournaments.  Secondly, Strength – this is important for many reasons.  Strong legs mean that you will jump higher when hitting and blocking.  Strong shoulders and rotator cuffs mean that you will have a harder hit and will be less likely to injure yourself when you are hitting a lot during the season.  Core strength is also key to a strong serve and hit.

  1. Stretch!

Work to increase your flexibility by stretching and doing yoga.  Increased flexibility translates to less injuries.  Also, how many times have you seen someone dive for a ball and end up in a complete split?  Flexibility helps you dive, sprawl, and roll on defense.

  1. Prepare Mentally!

Confidence and a positive attitude go a long way at tryouts.  Coaches appreciate players who have good body posture and radiate confidence on the court while being a positive leader.   Volleyball is a team sport – be prepared to communicate to the other players on the team in a positive way. If you are nervous at tryouts, the best way to lose the nerves is to start talking on the court.

Okay! Now you are ready – good luck and remember to have fun!


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