In case you missed the social media buzz last month, Adidas Mat Wizard wrestling shoes have begun shipping out!  We received our first shipment the morning of the 25th, and hundreds of orders began shipping out that afternoon. #HatTip to the Magicman himself, David Taylor, for helping spread the excitement for the new shoe.

However, we have to admit, these wrestling shoes garnered the majority of the excitement themselves. A complete reboot of a classic line is a dangerous play. Very rarely do we see a sequel surpass the original. That being said, we may have a first on our hands! To put it simply, these shoes are amazing! The new build is a nice blend of comfort, style, and mat performance.  Comfort we will get into below, style I believe is apparent, so let’s start with mat performance.  A good looking wrestling shoe isn’t worth its fabric if it doesn’t perform well, (see the initial launch of the JB Elites). This shoe blends together the upper make-ups of the popular Combat Speed line, and last year’s break out Jake Varner Signature shoes.  A breathable mesh, held together with supportive polyurethane stripes have the support category cleared. The sole is where the big changes in the Adidas brand have occurred. The new Mat Wizard sports a heavy tread solid sole, which looks oddly Asics Aggressor-esque. (We don’t believe this is a coincidence). This mat grabbing tread wraps around the heel of the shoe, and well underneath your fore foot. Slips “caused” by the soft suede soles of the Combat Speed or Varner, are a thing of the past. These shoes grip, grips means torque, and wrestlers like torque! Blast doubles and quick ducks just got that much fiercer!

All the puffery aside, these shoes certainly need some breaking in. While the mesh gives the upper make-up a looser feeling, it could still stand a little more loosening up.  Standard wear should suffice just fine for this. The focal point of the break-in process needs to be the soles.  As I mentioned above, the new full tread solid sole provides the grip when broken in. However, the out-of-the-box feel is slightly slick to the touch. It does have a bit of grip on the mat, but that certainly grows as they break in. The innovative tight designed tread pattern just requires some loosening up, before the true performance comes through.  If vehicle motors need a break-in period, I guess I can live with our shoes needing the same.

Many people may remember that the name sake of the original Mat Wizard line was current Oklahoma State University coach, and Olympic great, John Smith.  However with the remake, the torch has been passed.  Now the marquee signature space belongs to former Penn State great and 2x Hodge Trophy Winner, David Taylor.  The new Mat Wizard line includes two unique color ways with Taylor’s signature “M2” logo on the back of the heel.  Insider fact: early samples have the logo on the lower rear heel, and not on the top cushion, where they are on the final production model.  However, besides the special colors and logo, the David Taylor Mat Wizards are the same fit and quality as the standard line shoe.  Who doesn’t like a little flare though?

*Samples Pictured*
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