Exciting things are happening in the Graphics Department here at Worldwide Sport Supply.

For all of the coaches out there reading, what is the most frustrating part about ordering customized gear for your team? Bad mascots and templates? I agree!

I am excited to announce that we have updated all of our stock mascots and are in the process of updating all of our stock templates. Both are fully customizable for your teams needs.

To see all of our awesome new mascots, simply go to our website, click on the team apparel tab, and then click on mascots under custom decoration (or click right here!) We have hundreds of mascots to choose from on our website and if you aren’t seeing the one, then just let us know and we will dig into our secret stash and offer you a few more choices!

With options such as screen printing, heat transfer, sublimation and embroidery, the prices vary based on the number of colors; therefore we wanted to show different color options that are available (all customizable). You will see a range of two to four-colors on our mascots or, just hover over any of them, and it will show a one-color, black and white version.

We are always striving to provide the best quality designs for your team gear, and with these new options available we are sure that you and your team will look great on the court or on the mat.

I always appreciate good logo designs, so feel free to share a picture of your team mascot or a favorite jersey/shirt that you have. What do you think of our new mascot page? Are we missing any important ones?


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