New gear isn’t cheap. Every year, your team has to rally to raise enough funds to pay for singlets, kneepads, warmups, and more. Let’s be honest: fundraising is tough. Besides the typical bake sales and car washes, what’s a team to do to get the funds necessary to have the most up-to-date gear available?

We have an answer! In addition to being your go-to supplier of the finest quality sports gear, Worldwide Sport Supply also happens to be an ASI distributor. If you’re confused, allow us to explain. ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) is an organization that creates and distributes promotional products. As an ASI distributor, Worldwide Sport Supply has access to thousands of quality promotional products, all available at terrifically low prices!

Since we’ve been an ASI distributor for many years, we have access to the best promotional products that families and friends would love to buy. When affixed with your team logo these products become more than just simple mugs or bags – they transform into beloved keepsakes that your loved ones won’t mind purchasing as your team winds up to buy new gear.

We can also offer products to companies in bulk and expand your reach to the corporate market. This is a great way to fundraise by partnering with a local company to offer them pens, mugs, or even umbrellas with your team logos attached. Bulk purchases are discounted, but you can sell them at a standard price to local businesses to put a dent in your team gear fund.

There are many, many different types of cool products that you can adorn with your team logo and sell to raise money for new gear. To get an idea of what types of products you can use to promote your team and fundraise with, check out our catalog. We offer a huge selection of different promotional products. Everything is conveniently organized so you can quickly find exactly what you need.

If you use our resources multiple years in a row, be sure to think outside of the box so you can make the most on your fundraisers. If your school is tech-centric or math and science-geared, one excellent option would be offering USB flash drives with your team logo. Umbrellas are also great items that are extremely useful, so a friend or family member would feel like they made a smart purchase and simultaneously helped out your team if they bought an umbrella.

Put our benefits of being an ASI distributor to good use. You can find all of the promotional products you need to fundraise for your team right here at Worldwide Sport Supply!


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