Beat the Streets, Inc aims to bring wrestling to the urban youth of America. The organization uses wrestling to make positive changes in kids’ lives and helps them reach their fullest potential. We are overjoyed to be able to donate several boxes of wrestling products this summer to this great cause, and we encourage everyone to help support in any way that you can! 

Here is a message about their latest fundraiser from Jeff Marsh, Executive Director of Beat the Streets:

How does a kid get a dream to go to college? How do they learn to like hard work? What shapes their identity? For many of us it is simple; Wrestling. We had access to this amazing sport, this tool, and it has shaped our lives. What if there is no wrestling team? If you don’t become a wrestler then who do you become? The majority of urban communities have no access to the sport and kids have no chance to be a wrestler. Beat the Streets is striving to change that.

Can a haircut change the sport? The least we can do is try. With help from friends like Worldwide Sport Supply and private donors we have raised $45,152 to bring wrestling to urban areas. To give kids the chance to be a wrestler. We need to hit the goal of $50,000.00 and to make access a reality. Last month I had meetings with 5 school administrators in Cleveland, Milwaukee, Baltimore and Detroit. And all were willing to add and sustain a wrestling program. The biggest hurdle? Funding.

Access for one kid can change a life. One kid can change the world. Join me in making a contribution to Beat the Streets through Trim the Tail!

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