With the release of the new JB Elite TR Shoe (Check them out better here!) a little over a month away, we have another record falling at the hands of Jordan Burroughs.  JB will be the first wrestler to have his namesake cemented on a non-wrestling shoe.  Wrestling is a 24/7 sport; however, wrestling shoes are only used for a small portion of those hours.  Therefore, Fernando Serratos and the team at ASICS have helped Jordan create a shoe for the remaining hours of the day, when the grind continues on. For those that don’t know, Fernando is the Footwear Product Manager at Asics America. He is also a wrestler, a huge contributor to the sport, and an all-around good guy! (Give him a follow on Twitter and Instagram, @Teamratpack and Fernando_Serratos) This training shoe not only looks amazing, it was designed to hold up to the grinding life of a wrestler.  When your runs, jump rope sessions, or gym nights crawl on and on, these shoes will keep you on the grind!  Like any wrestler worth his salt, this shoe keeps an eye on the scales as well.  Coming in at 9.5 oz. the new JB Elite TR doesn’t need to heat the sauna suit, unless you do!

Now on to the underlining story here.  Signature shoes for all!?  This past November Tony Ramos lit a fire under the “Who should get a signature line?” debate.  Debate may be a strong word for a conversation that pretty much started and ended with Ramos.  If you missed it (here it is: https://twitter.com/dc_mma/status/530463008234176513) the cliff notes being, Ramos stating that they are giving out signature shoes “like candy these days.” The attempt was to spark a debate that only Olympic legends were ‘worthy’ of their own signature shoes.  I won’t even get onto the subject of signature headgear, of which Ramos has a pair.  Glass houses I suppose.  This makes the likes of Jordan Burroughs, Cael Sanderson, Dan Gable, etc, safe from ridicule. However, it draws a target on Daniel Cormier, Ben Askren, David Taylor, and Kyle Dake.  Men who have fallen short to date, on their quests for Olympic Gold. Are they not however, still great role models and representatives of our sport?  Remember, we are a few mere years removed from Olympic Wrestling not existing!!  I am of the belief that we are in a time where the more role models for young wrestlers, the better!  The sport itself is in a form of Renaissance, with numbers starting to climb back to what we had seen in the past, and events and viewership skyrocketing.  Having one of the sports budding stars claim they are getting too much support and push, is like having the best double leg in the game, but insisting on only throwing headlocks.  (JB don’t listen to this! Keep Doublin’!)  I say the more wrestlers that want to take the sponsorship help for a signature item, the more budding role models we have for the future growth of the sport!

Now onward to the ‘Lady Maidens of the Mat!’  Someone get Maroulis or Gray a dang shoe!!


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